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Kateeva CTO and OLED Co-Inventor Steven Van Slyke Inducted Into 2013 Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame

MENLO PARK, Calif., Oct. 23, 2013 – Kateeva Chief Technology Officer and OLED co-inventor, Steven Van Slyke was inducted into the 2013 Consumer Electronics (CE) Hall of Fame for his contributions to the advancement of the consumer electronics industry.  Van Slyke was one of 15 industry leaders honored last night at the CE Hall of Fame dinner held in Los Angeles.  He joins an elite group of inductees that includes the founders of eBay and TiVo, as well as the inventor of the microprocessor, and others.

Van Slyke received a CE Team honor, along with Dr. Ching Tang, a professor of chemical engineering at the University of Rochester.  They were recognized for their pioneering work at the Eastman Kodak Company that led to the invention of the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED).  Their seminal paper on the topic was published in the journal Applied Physics Letters in 1987.  Since then, it has been cited in more than 5000 publications.

Today, OLEDs are used to create displays for mobile devices, TVs and now, wearable computers.  They’re flexible, paper-thin, ultra-light, and more energy-efficient than LCDs.

“We’re so pleased for Steve to receive this distinguished honor.  It’s richly deserved,” said Kateeva Chief Executive Officer Alain Harrus.  “What he and Professor Tang hatched at Kodak is now a multi-billion-dollar industry that’s only set to grow as OLED technology realizes its full potential.  Since 2010, he has applied the same ingenuity at Kateeva, leading our efforts to build an inventive inkjet printing manufacturing equipment solution for mass production of flexible and large-size OLEDs.  We’re proud to call him our colleague.”

Van Slyke is a leading authority on OLED technology.  In his 30-year career at Kodak he was active in all phases of OLED technology, from basic research on organic materials to the development of manufacturing technologies for high-volume OLED display production.  He also managed the white OLED projects at Kodak for solid state lighting and displays.  He has published and presented over 40 papers, and holds more than 35 patents in the areas of OLED materials and device architecture.

Created in 2000 by the Consumer Electronics Association, the CE Hall of Fame honors visionaries in the consumer technology industry who advance innovation and build a strong foundation for others to follow.

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